Welcome to Ultra-Low-Cost Solar Energy.

Ever wonder why solar energy companies sell solar panels while generator companies sell electricity, or oil drilling companies sell oil?   Its because conventional solar generators cost far more than the energy they make over their useful life while the cost of a conventional generator or an oil well is only a very tiny portion of the overall value of the energy or oil that equipment makes.  

Why not do the same with solar energy technology?   Make solar generators so inexpensively that we don't sell the equipment we use but rather we sell the energy and energy products made by operating the equipment.

Welcome to Mok Energy

We capture sunlight and make hydrogen and oxygen from water and use these valuable gases in a variety of ways to create value.  Since the amount of solar energy varies with lighting conditions throughout the day we vary gas production in response to lighting conditions to simplify the entire process involved in using solar energy.  As a result, we end up with very well priced and very clean hydrogen and oxygen - which we then process and sell in a variety of ways.


Made of thin films of tough plastic and dynamically inflated with cold air, this is the lowest cost concentrator technology currently available.  Certain features enlarged for clarity.  Stationary shell removed for clarity.



Since we use variable focal length concentrators, and not flat mirrors, we locate our focal point on the ground further lowering costs and easing complexity of operating.  A four acre site cost efficiently gathers 11 megawatts of solar energy and delivers it to a six foot diameter spot.


At that spot a proprietary chemical reactor combines water and sunlight to produce cool streams of hydrogen and oxygen with over 60% efficiency!

How We Do It

We collect sunlight with ultra-low-cost concentrators using advanced tracking technology that maintains low balance of system costs using construction techniques proven in space by NASA back in the late 1950s.   Thirty-six concentrators cooperate to heat a solar-thermal process.  This process uses steam and hot iron to make hydrogen and iron-oxide.  Iron-oxide is further heated by sunlight to reduce it to pure iron again releasing the oxygen.  The oxygen and hydrogen gases are collected and cooled by the incoming water, flashing it to steam.  The hydrogen and oxygen are sold to buyers.



What Is Low Cost Carbon-Free Hydrogen Good For?

Hydrogen burns under all the same conditions as any hydro-carbon fuel.  So, low cost hydrogen may be burned in any stationary energy use instead of carbon based fuels, eliminating carbon-dioxide with no increase in cost to buyers.

Hydrogen may also be used as an industrial feed-stock in a variety of processes where carbon based fuels are now used, eliminating carbon-dioxide production in these processes as well. 

Since hydrogen is made when the sun shines, and fuel is needed at times when the sun doesn't shine, storing hydrogen at low cost is an important aspect of hydrogen's practical use.  To achieve this we inject hydrogen into old oil and gas wells and recover it when needed to meet demand.

When hydrogen is injected into depleted gas and oil wells in Ohio we recover stationary reserves still contained in those depleted wells along with the hydrogen.  These mobilized reserves are recovered along with nearly all of the hydrogen and both are sold actually allowing us to make money from our storage of hydrogen.

Gas & Oil Recovery from Depleted Wells with Hydrogen


What Makes Mok Different?

We are seeking funding for energy projects, not R&D!  Our concentrator technology uses well-proven techniques.  Our solar thermal hydrogen production uses technology developed nearly eighty years ago for the efficient production of hydrogen using other thermal sources.  Our enhanced oil and gas recovery technology is based on proven techniques used every day in every chromatography laboratory around the world. 

Does Mok Do Any R&D?

Yes!  We are working on a whole host of advanced technologies ranging from concentrated photovoltaics, to power beaming from space with infrared laser beams.  But, these advanced technologies are not yet ready for 'prime time' - the technology described here is ready to make money for investors in energy projects today. 

The major point is that Mok operates like an ENERGY company, not a technology research company, or a technology development company.  Major energy companies innovate in their discovery and production of conventional oil and gas reserves, yet they are structured to sell the fuels they produce, not the technology they use to get the fuels they produce.  Mok is structured the same way.  Our execution risk in any of our projects is similar to the discovery risk the majors ask their project participants to take-on in any of their projects.  We do use a portion of our profits to make hydrogen ever more efficiently, and find new and better uses for hydrogen.  Yet, we are asking participants to share with us major participation in projects using this new fuel so that we are better prepared to compete effectively against the major fuel producers.  This benefits everyone.


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