Concentrating Photovoltaics

Reducing the cost of solar panels is as simple as focusing sunlight to a point.  Focusing light to a tiny point reduces the area of costly photovoltaic material used in conventional solar panels, reducing the cost.

How much can we reduce costs in this way?  By a factor of 1,000 to 5,000 times.  So, what would normally take $50 of photovoltaic material costs as little as $0.01 - one penny!  That's an incredible savings!  

Of course there are still other costs to consider.  These are called balance of system costs.  Here is where our system shines.  Because we've seriously looked at these costs over the past fifteen years, and reduced them as well!  So, an installed system of the right size will produce energy at 1/100th the cost of conventional photovoltaic systems.  

This incredible price point is achieved with systems installed on a large enough scale, producing hydrogen gas electrolytically from water.  We can install on a smaller scale, and produce electricity directly, but at a significant increase in cost, since installation and intertie costs are increased.


Fluid Filled Lenses of Molded PET