The United States of America burns 1.14 billion tons of coal each year in 1,086 coal fired power plants.  We also burn 6.8 billion barrels of liquid fuels in 150 million vehicles each year.  We import nearly 80% of the liquid fuels which puts a serious drain on our economy.  We spend more each year on oil imports that we lost in the banking crisis.  We do that EVERY YEAR!  The combustion of these fuels also produces nearly 8 billion tons of carbon-dioxide, half from coal, half from oil and gas products.

Burning 180 million tons per year of MÖKENERGY hydrogen we can release the same amount of heat as 1.14 billion tons of coal and end the release of 4 billion tons of carbon-dioxide.  We can do this by piping hydrogen directly to only 1,086 coal fired plants. 

We can also take the coal handling yards at each of these plants, and the coal fired burner infrastructure, and use that with 120 million more tons of MÖKENERGY hydrogen, to convert the 1.14 billion tons of coal into 7 billion barrels of gasoline, diesel fuel and jet fuel.  This 'sun' fuel when combined with our conventional oil production allows the USA to be the world's largest oil exporter!  

Cutting our carbon footprint by half within six years, while making sun-fuel for $8.57 per barrel by retooling 1,086 coal fired power plants and cutting our electricity prices by 20% and keeping the trillions of dollars we now spend on oil in our own country, this is what the MÖKENERGY program offers.